At AlphaShine, we strive to deliver a memorable and unique auto spa experience in Toronto to our customers through a quality driven, customer centric approach. We have constructed a unique membership program that will let you and your vehicle get the most out of the AlphaShine experience:

Toronto's Exclusive Auto Spa Membership

Redeem & Collect Points

Toronto's Exclusive Auto Spa Membership

Amass Superior Savings

Toronto's Exclusive Auto Spa Membership

Personalized Rewards

Multi-Vehicle Use



Collect Points And Redeem For Free Vehicle Services



1 Delta Express

Save $15 Monthly



 2 Delta Express

Save $25 Monthly



1 Delta Express 
1 Delta Interior

Save $50 Monthly



2 Delta Express
 1 Delta Interior

Save $75 Monthly

ADD-ONS Available: Carnuba Hard Wax

This is a subscription-based model, joining this membership will allow you to receive all the rewards stated above. However, a two month minimum cycle is required before a customer can cancel their membership service or a $50-dollar penalty will be incurred.

Creating An Auto Spa Experience Worth Remembering