Martin Kulinich

Director of Operations

Martin has had 7 years of automotive detailing & aesthetic service experience. He primary focuses on project delivery management, content creation, customer relations & business to business management.


Scott Douglas

Luxury Vehicle Specialist

Scott is focused on restoring and preserving vehicles painted surfaces. With a vast experience working on exotic cars like Ferraris, McLaren’s, Rolls Royce’s and many more, Scott developed an outstanding eye for imperfections. Through paint correction & nanoceramic coatings, Scott turns any vehicle into a work of art.

Yuvraj Tuli

Senior Detailing Associate

Yuvraj specializes in detailing & restoring vehicles interior & exterior surfaces. With his past experience working in the F1 circuit in India, Yuvraj has attained a keen understanding of delivering high-quality results in a constantly upbeat environment.

Manpreet Singh

Detailing Associate

Manpreet has had numerous years of experience detailing & preserving vehicles internal & external surfaces. An engineer by trade, Manpreet is an excellent critical thinker that thrives on complex detailing problem and delivers unparallel solutions.

Ilgar Stone

Vehicle Aesthetic Specialist

Ilgar has had 5+ years of vehicle aesthetic enhancement experience. He mainly focuses on wrapping luxury vehicles external & internal elements to create a personalized and unique vehicle.

Ian Riddell

Graphic Designer & Aesthetic Specialist

Ian specializes in creating unique & eye-catching designs for vehicles, storefronts & businesses. He is able to apply these designs onto any surface with the use of custom made vinyl materials.

AlphaShine Team

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