About AlphaShine

AlphaShine is a Toronto based high-end automotive detailing & aesthetic service group. We are a team composed of skilled detailers, vinyl artists, and aesthetic service dealers that are always looking to push the boundaries of our customer expectations.

Our founders have always had a passion for pushing the boundaries of the automotive service industry. He believed that the stigma associated with the industry should be changed through the creation of a luxuries, quality focused and customer driven organization. In 2018, AlphaShine was born to help make this vision become a reality and create an experience that customers will truly remember.

AlphaShine Is focused on empowering our customers and making their auto spa experience truly memorable. However, without the continued dedication and hard work of every single employee, the company cannot shine. Therefore, a tenacious team effort and a concrete mindset towards achieving excellence are the two pillars that we strongly rely on to succeed as an organization.

AlphaShine’s Core Values

  • To Provide the Finest Quality of Service

  • Deliver an Unmatched Customer Experience

  • Create Unparalleled Value

  • Have the Finest Attention to Detail

Creating An Auto Spa Experience Worth Remembering